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In a united Europe, we believe in one world, without borders and with equal opportunities for all. We are all together in the process of making this a reality. Don’t limit yourself. Somewhere in a country of the European Union the right job is waiting for you. Let us be part of building bridges to that unique career for you.


We have connected thousands of universities/vocational schools, students and companies on the Canary Islands since 2004.

Our tailor-made internships in Tenerife provide young professionals the opportunity to gain valuable and relevant qualifications. By participating in this program, interns can familiarize themselves with a completely new work environment and use the knowledge they gain during their apprenticeship to further their careers, and also experience leisure activities on Tenerife through group excursions.

We offer internships in the following fields: hospitality (kitchen, service, reception work), hair and beauty, sports, tourism, marketing, communication, business – or other departments upon request.

The sending institution can choose:  


Project based learning is the ideal environment for those seeking to strengthen their vocational skills before going into the workforce. It’s perfect for those who work in highly specialized fields, as well as for students who do not know the local language or are too young. In this situation, we like to facilitate a more accurate connection between students and companies. The students work under our supervision, so we make sure they are given tasks that correspond to their skills and knowledge.

Qualified industry experts assign students practical projects in their specific vocational fields. Simply put, it’s an immersive learning experience. The students would spend 6 hours with us learning about online tools and strategies and later putting into practice what they have learned.

PBL programmes include: Economics & Admin, Advertising, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Economics, Employability, International Business, Leisure & Tourism, Marketing & Advertising

Trainings & Seminars
& Conferences

We provide one week long training courses on different topics such as digital skills, soft skills, project management and communication. These courses provide a comprehensive understanding of digital literacy skills such as digital technology, social media, digital marketing, and digital communication skills. The training also addresses the importance of creating a professional profile and understanding digital identity. 

Upon request we can create tailor made courses. Contact us to discuss your ideas. We will design a training package that suits your budget and the desired learning outcomes. 

Study Visits
& Job Shadowing

We collaborate with several local schools and educational organizations. Our study visits include visits to educational/training institutions, host companies for vocational students, ministries, or other local facilities in the Canary Islands. 

Job-shadowing is offered in multiple educational institutions such as primary schools, vocational schools, secondary schools, universities, or private companies in Tenerife. 


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In addition to the previous examples, we also participate in many KA2 projects. We specialize in digital skills, language teaching, and project-based learning. Get in touch with us if you’re seeking a motivated and creative team. 

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