Lights, Camera, Convert: Unlock Video Marketing Success

Create with the phone, build with the mind


1 Week

Starting date

01/07, 02/09, 02/12



Boost Your Video Marketing Skills

This course is designed to enhance your understanding of video marketing and their strategic application to amplify lead generation, rise brand awareness, and elevate conversion rates. Designed for candidates seeking to learn about the latest AI video techniques and marketing trends, this program covers practical case studies and hands-on training with the most user-friendly video software.

main benefits

Attending our course serves as a general introduction to video marketing while also delivering training in how to create and edit content with your mobile device. It will equip you with practical skills, gives you networking opportunities and hands-on experiences, it will enhance entrepreneurial abilities and sets you up for success in the future.


The structure of the Programme

day 2

Video Strategy for Marketing

Day 3

Lead generation and pre- production

day 4

Mobile video techniques: production and post-production

Day 5

Editing and final presentation

day 2

Who can join?

Marketing enthusiasts and business leaders looking to understand and implement video techniques and marketing strategies that deliver maximum return on their investment.


University Students

Digital Nomads

Gap Year Students

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Business Owners Seeking Digital Innovation

You! Don't fit in any of these options? Tell us about yourself.

Meet The Trainer

Hey there! I am Yussef, photographer, filmmaker, and marketing content creator with a background in Journalism and International Business.

As a digital nomad, I had the opportunity to work and live in 4 continents, coordinating different multicultural groups. My specialty is the innovative content creation and video branding for start-ups, artists, and digital entrepreneurs.

With my help, you will grow your ideas in the digital world with original multimedia content that reaches your audience and converts. Let’s dive into this course!

A Unique Experience of a Lifetime

Embarking on an internship abroad can be a truly life-changing experience that will open up new doors for your personal and professional growth. Not only will you have the opportunity to work in a new and exciting environment, but you will also have the chance to immerse yourself in a different culture, learn a new language, and build meaningful relationships with people from different locations.

This experience will not only enhance your resume, but it will also help you gain a deeper understanding of the global marketplace, increase your adaptability, and develop your independence and self-confidence. By stepping outside of your comfort zone and taking on new challenges, you will gain a unique perspective that will serve you well in all aspects of your life.

Mastered Skills

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1 Week




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Tenerife, Spain




Upon Completion

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of this course?

The course is designed for a period of one week, from Monday until Friday, with theory and practical workshops, and with the possibility to do more practical exercises in the second part of the day.

Do I need a professional camera to participate in this course?

No, you don’t need a professional camera. In fact, you can create high-quality videos using just your mobile phone.

Do I need to pay for software to create marketing videos?

No, you don’t need to invest in expensive software. Free versions of platforms like Canva, CapCut, Notion, and ChatGPT offer robust features that meet the needs of most students.

Will I receive a certificate for completing the Video Marketing course?

Yes, every participant will receive a certificate of attending the Video Marketing course to certify the completion of the course at our academy, as well as the duration.

Do I need any experience?

No, prior experience is not required to enroll in this course. However, participants are encouraged to be curious and have a basic understanding of using at least one social media platform as a main preference.

Do I have to present a final video project to complete the course?

Yes, presenting a final video project is a requirement for completing the course. However, participants have the flexibility to choose the topic of their project, allowing them to select something that aligns with their interests, work, or areas of expertise.

Is accommodation included in the price of the course?

No, the accomodation is not included in the course price. But upon request we can provide you assistance in  finding a place. 

How do I sign up for the course?

Simply fill out the form below to initiate the enrollment process. Fill out the form with the required information and book a date for a short interview. You will receive your confirmation shortly after your interview.

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