The Best Erasmus+ Courses in Europe for Educational Staff

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First of all, what is Erasmus+?

Erasmus+ is the EU’s program to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. It supports the objectives and initiatives outlined in the European Skills Agenda, Digital Education Action Plan, and European Education Area. 

Staff members working in the education sector, both in teaching and non-teaching capacities, have access to training possibilities through Erasmus+. Job shadowing, observation periods, professional development courses, or particular competence-building activities can all be included in training programs overseas. Both training at educational institutions and at pertinent organizations working outside the field are supported by Erasmus+. Staff members working at all educational levels have the chance to participate in professional development events.

Erasmus+ offers opportunities to spend time instructing at a foreign educational institution. These possibilities are open to both employees in the education sector and those asked by businesses to educate pupils about a particular industry, subject, or problem. There are opportunities to teach abroad through Erasmus+ in educational institutions that operate at all levels.

What opportunities do teachers or educational staff have?

Teachers can take this opportunity to pursue training programs abroad, where they can acquire new teaching techniques, create innovative teaching materials, interact with individuals from all nations and cultures, and practice a foreign language.

Along with their classes, they have created programs for school exchanges.

International programs to foster innovation and exchange best practices at various levels of school organization have also been carried out through networks of schools within Erasmus+.

Some teachers now have the opportunity to travel to another European nation for the first time thanks to their participation in the Program. Additionally, it has forced many schools to finish their medium- and long-term planning and develop a European vocation.

The three things teachers or educational staff can do are:

Teacher courses – requirements, funding and how to apply

Requirements: The school must submit an application to participate in a short-term mobility project or to receive an Erasmus accreditation in the area of school education. Organizations should adhere to a set of quality requirements for mobility initiatives in both situations, including excellent management practices, providing qualified participants and program support, and sharing program results and expertise. You must first execute a mobility agreement with the receiving organization and your institution. It outlines your educational objectives, legal rights and obligations, and how the instruction hour will be properly acknowledged.

Funding: EU grants are sent to the coordinating organization (your school or a consortium coordinator) and are intended to help participating organizations with organizational needs as well as cover your travel and living expenses while you are overseas. The Erasmus+ program additionally offers tools to aid in the participation of individuals with limited opportunities. 

How to apply: A person cannot directly apply for a grant. Schools must submit applications, and from their employees they must choose applicants for training stints overseas. Teachers in training who wish to complete a traineeship abroad may also be hosted by schools.

You can ask within your school to find out if these opportunities are available to you.

For more informations go to the official site of Erasmus+ EU. The Erasmus+ Programme Guide is for award criteria and eligibility criteria, and funding rules. National Agencies can support applications and enquiries. eTwinning is a network for schools where staff members can interact, work on projects together, share experiences, and be a part of the biggest learning community in Europe. School Education Gateway is a platform for teachers, schools, experts, and others  to find information on news, trends, policies, initiatives, and activities in the field of school education, as well as contribute by discussing and engaging  important issues with peers.

Here is the funding you get for your stay depending on your destination:

Country of DestinationDays 1 – 14Days 15 – 60 
Norway, Denmark, Luxembourg, (United Kingdom), Iceland, Schweden, Irland, Finnland, Liechtenstein 126 €88 €
Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Portugal112 €78 €
Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Turkey, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia98 €69 €

Here is the money for your Journey depending on the distance:

10 – 99 km20 € per person
100 – 499 km180 € per person
500 – 1999 km275 € per person
2000 – 2999 km360 € per person
3000 – 3999 km530 € per person
4000 – 7999 km820 € per person
8000 km or more1500 € per person

Now onto the Erasmus+ courses:

There are many courses you can go into from many different sources. They offer a variety of engaging and impactful Erasmus+ teacher development courses for primary and secondary school teachers, and for academics and professionals working in Higher Education and they offer a number of courses.

There are many training courses from Erasmus itself in the branches of: 

  • soft skills and class management courses
  • ICT (information and communication technology) and new technologies courses 
  • inclusion and diversity courses
  • innovative teaching method courses
  • preschool teaching methods courses
  • languages and EU project design courses

— all of these courses are available in either Bologna, Tenerife, Palermo or Sofia

The school education gateway is an online platform where everyone can upload the courses they offer and everyone can also search for the training courses they want to do. Everyone can use filters for finding the course they want, they can search by country, topic, key competence, language, target audience or start/end date and also if they want to go abroad or if they want to do it online. The courses are all over Europe and in all kinds of branches.

Learning in the sun (LiTS) has 18 years of experience, 250+ projects approved and over 700 participants every year. It has many Courses in North-Tenerife:

  • Digital Marketing – / Strategy Courses
  • The Digital Classroom
  • WordPress Courses for Beginners
  • Effective Self-Management Course
  • Motivation and Personal Development Course
  • Stress Management Course
  • Time Management
  • Spanish Course For Non-native Spanish Teachers
  • Bid Writing and Project Design for Successful European Projects
  • Tailor-Made Projects in Tenerife

The Atlas Language School offers training courses with experienced Masters and DELTA-qualified teacher trainers and over 10 years experience. The branches of the training are: 

  • Language, Methodology and Culture
  • English for Higher Education Professionals
  • Sustainability & Environment
  • Erasmus+ General English Language Training

— all of these courses are available in Duplin and the last one even in Malta

The Teacher Academy EU is presented in 29 European languages, it’s also an online platform  It has over 200 courses in the branches:

  • Art and Wellbeing 
  • Classroom Management
  • Creativity and Soft Skills
  • ICT (Information and Communication Technology)
  • Language and CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning)
  • School Innovation 

— many courses are in Florenz, Dublin, Barcelona, Berlin, Athens, Helsinki, Tenerife, and many more

Europe for all has over 22 years of experience and it promotes educational and training programmes. It has many courses, here are some of them:

  • COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT: methodologies and good practices
  • How cross curricula educational approach can be the way for a successful longlife learning
  • How Multiple intelligences theory can be used by teachers

If you are not sure which training course you want you can always check the platforms or social media for reviews. But before you sign up for a course you should check if your school consents to this training.

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